Friday, 17 February 2017

the Duffy show

Room 14 and  junior  school came to watch duffy show i was excited to watch the duffy
| sang a song then we got to watch the duffy show we watch when the shade  was running away from the duffy.  There was three people in the  duffy show one was called duffy  and goble girl and the actor  those three people was doing  the acting  in the duffy show.

A storm appeder to nz it was not then duffy said want is  happing in nz until  a superhero came to  Then the duffy boy said is that a bird  then he said no that not a bird until a superhero  then duffy said you are not a superhero said duffy and then globl girl said yes i am then  daffy said no you are not a superhero  then gobl girl said huoed my hand now then duffy said .oky/ then i will. I  did not like the duffy show because it was so boring and we did  not get to answer questions not that much.

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  1. Last friday blaketown school had a duffy show i liked it when the person boped the ballon.