Wednesday, 27 September 2017

my cool reading

this is my reading

catching fish

On Wednesday the whole school went to the pt England beach to catch some little tiny baby flounder, to keep them save so they will grow up.  The year 7 and 8 went to catch them with a net but we are not going to eat them. They are going to keep them save. We are going to keep them in a big, big, big tank. There is going to be some water but the water is sea water because all fish can only breathe in that kind of water. There is a school that is coming to our school to help us to catch some of the fish too. When we got there we sang a lots of waiata to the people  who were  catching the fish.

When we all finished sing a song we sang  another song  it was called ko te whaea. Then we sang  Whakataka te hau  and the whole school has been learning this song to sing to the people that are catching the fish.  All the year 5 ,6. 4,3,2,1 were not allowed  to catch the fish because they are to little but they will get a turn to catch  fish when they  are a year 7 and 8. Then we sang our last song and went back to school. and when i we went  i felt so happy to go .

Friday, 22 September 2017

my magic number

this is my maths it is called the magic number so this is want i have made for maths Today .

my rocket writing

My rocket ship looks like a beehive. At the bottom it looksScreenshot 2017-09-18 at 10.32.21.png

like some robot feet from a movie. In  the  middle there is a picture of ready jet go! It was  part of the game. Then I put a nose cone on it, the nose   cone is Gray and a robot head. The buster are blue and a little bit red.  The body colour is yellow with Gray on the sides. It’s  super powers is super invisibility .

It is the day of the take off to a  planet. When I walk to my rocket ship I feel so nervous. When I get into my rocket ship I  shake as like a

A cat that is scared  that it does not want to go for a bath but I always dreamed to go to   a planet.  I don’t want to go to a planet  now
because what if the rocket ship  broke down? or crashed so hard that
It was on fire? that would be horrible.

When I woke up I said I need to get ready to get on my rocket ship to
go to the planet I wanted to go to when I was little It was Neptune and what  does Neptune look like? Well I think I should what and see .Now It is the time I fly to Neptune so i jump on my rocket ship to fly to Neptune It took for a long time. But I got as soon it was night time at earth But when  I got to Neptune I could only see clouds but no ground but when my rocket ship landed i saw a candy tree it looked yummy then i went out of my rocket ship the ground  was candy floss
I said is this want Neptune looks like a candy land It looks so yummy
So I took a bit of the ground and I ate It tasted like really real candy then I said this is so  awesome .  Then I said I  wish I  could live her but then I said no I can ' not live here because I have a home in Earth and i have people  that love me so I have to go back home. So I jumped back into my rocket ship and went back to Earth .

Thursday, 14 September 2017

my area maths

this  is my maths and we are learning about area an the outside of it .