Thursday, 14 September 2017

my area maths

this  is my maths and we are learning about area an the outside of it .

Friday, 8 September 2017

how to make a clock. My writing

my wonderful letter of pt england school

pen pal.jpg
Name:  kharizma.
Class:  room 14

School: pt england
Address: 130 Pt England Rd, Pt England, Auckland 1072, New Zealand
Date: 6/9/17

Dear Kate .
Thank you for the wonderful letter  and all the question  that you made for  me  and yes I love sushi  do you like to play outside or play on the park do you have a favourite thing  to do  .
OOr favourite thing to eat . how many friends do you have I  have 3 friend and there names are  julianna ,kiarah ,Angelica and did you know i have a really  cool teacher her name is miss davis and have you ever tasted the yummiest And the delicious cake or cup cake ever will I do .      

I got some questions for you have you ever seen harold  and when is your birthday and did you know i am 8 years old two i wish that  we were twins  or that were bone at the same time  that  will be really really cool do you have a cousin  at your I do I  have a lot of cousin
I have 6 and one big brother but he is in Australia and what country were you bone . I was
Bone in Australia  have you ever done  cross country  we did i came 5 and we get to have a fun run that means  that we have to raise money and get a prises  but if you get more than 100 you get 1 or 10 prises .

Have you ever seen ned. I have seen  Ned  I have we have a picture  of him on our door
Do you have a picture of Ned on the door if you do just tell me .do you have some
Computers in your class if you do how many do you have
We do we have 6 computers

8 Sep 2017 12:10:34.jpg
This is my cousin gabby

Well it was  good writing to you my cool pen pal

Love kharizma


Copy of Kharizma.jpeg

this is a this is a picture of me  

IMG_3930 (2).JPG

this is a picture of me and my friends there name s
are julianna and georgie .

Friday, 1 September 2017

my cool stardom writing

Yesterday we jump on the bus to go to stardom because it was our team 3 Vacation and our life of the time to go on the trip .Me and julianna , Georgia had so much fun that we were laughing so much that we got to have a photo with miss Davis  then when we finish  taking  our photo  we got to stardom.

When got to stardome we got to have a big big play even there  was a flying fox it had a big set  to sit on . even i got to play on the train it was a little bit boring  for me it was a little train and people had to push the train and there was  swings and all kind of things there were cool and fun but not like the train.

When we finish playing outside  team 3 had a little thing to eat
Then we went into stardom to see all the cool things but when we got in we had to go put our bags in a here Gage because we were not allowed to eat in the stardom. And then we went in a room  to talk about our solar system. And then we got to have a really fun  quiz
Then we started to do the quiz and even
We got to have a teacher and her name was miss Davis. then the orange group started to do the quiz when the answer were coming
Up on the ipod we started to all run around crazy  like a monkey. We got all of them right because we were working together.

After all the fun we had we had to go back to school in the same bus but when we were in the bus that time  it was boring because it was tiring and hot .