Friday, 22 September 2017

my rocket writing

My rocket ship looks like a beehive. At the bottom it looksScreenshot 2017-09-18 at 10.32.21.png

like some robot feet from a movie. In  the  middle there is a picture of ready jet go! It was  part of the game. Then I put a nose cone on it, the nose   cone is Gray and a robot head. The buster are blue and a little bit red.  The body colour is yellow with Gray on the sides. It’s  super powers is super invisibility .

It is the day of the take off to a  planet. When I walk to my rocket ship I feel so nervous. When I get into my rocket ship I  shake as like a

A cat that is scared  that it does not want to go for a bath but I always dreamed to go to   a planet.  I don’t want to go to a planet  now
because what if the rocket ship  broke down? or crashed so hard that
It was on fire? that would be horrible.

When I woke up I said I need to get ready to get on my rocket ship to
go to the planet I wanted to go to when I was little It was Neptune and what  does Neptune look like? Well I think I should what and see .Now It is the time I fly to Neptune so i jump on my rocket ship to fly to Neptune It took for a long time. But I got as soon it was night time at earth But when  I got to Neptune I could only see clouds but no ground but when my rocket ship landed i saw a candy tree it looked yummy then i went out of my rocket ship the ground  was candy floss
I said is this want Neptune looks like a candy land It looks so yummy
So I took a bit of the ground and I ate It tasted like really real candy then I said this is so  awesome .  Then I said I  wish I  could live her but then I said no I can ' not live here because I have a home in Earth and i have people  that love me so I have to go back home. So I jumped back into my rocket ship and went back to Earth .

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