Friday, 24 March 2017

swimming fun

When, where who what!

When  we  arrived  we  had to go and have a  shower then room 14  line up next to the chair. Then they called out the roll so they know who are not swimming or they are swimming .then they put us in groups and i was in Jess  group she said that we had to put our feet nice and shrat because if you don’t
You won’t go anywhere you will just stay on the same space.
that is why i can swim nice and good i like going to the pools because it is cool there. On the next monday. Jess said if we put your towels on the bench it might because they might get wet then when we went in the pool Jess said that we had to stand up or  if you put your head up you will get stuck  and won’t come back up to have a braf put if someone has gone that is when you can come back up to have a braf.

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