Friday, 17 March 2017


When we got to the beach we sat down and mr burt said that we are not allowed next to the seniors Side because they are going to say you are not allowed on this side of the beach. Then me and julianna got some clay. Then Burt said that we can go and swim in the salt water it was so cool and that made my eyRoom14 went to the beach with the whole of Pt England School.

e hurt. Mr burt said that we had to get out of the salt water. That is why i got changed early. then when i got out from getting changed  i asked  julianna if we can play on the park then she  said yes. Next we went to the park then we played a game the game was like this we had to go jump on the swing and thri and swing the longest on the swing and who won was julianna. I thank mr burtt for letting as go to the beach so i am happy about that.  I have the best school ever i just love my school. Then we went back to class and  went back home.

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