Monday, 7 August 2017

my friendly letter

Hi   Kate.                                  

Hi my name is Kharizma I am girl. I am writing this letter for you so me and you can learn about each other.  What we like to do? I wish that I knew you a lot. I have a good pal her name Julianna.She is a lovely and  friendly to me even when we have fights we are store good friends I am happy that she is  my friend. If had no friends  I will be sad.

I am so happy that we are writing to each other  it’s so fun .What is your school  like? Do you go on  trips? Is it fun at your school? I think the answer will be yes or no. Do you have a pet at your school or  do you have  to take a pet to school. Did you know that my school is the  best
Did you know my favorite sweet thing to eat is bubble gum. I want to know more about you. What do you like to eat? is it sweets? Have you ever tasted seaweed? We artjwe arI have and it is so yummy.

This term room 14 is learning about solar system and we are learning about earths to.and i id the sun . did you know that i made this  cool writing about the solar system.

Thank you for reading my story i hope you  get to know each other  well

Love kharizma

3 Aug 2017 09:25:58.jpg
I have toke  a photo of me smiling so you know me  


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