Friday, 18 August 2017

my what if planet

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once upon a time there was a  dwarf planet . It  was never seen by a human's but seven years ago the planet  started to move so  much that a tiny candy floss popped  out of nowhere then suddenly it became bigger and bigger and  bigger! Then it  
Exploded! Then it   became candy land but when it  exploded there was  so many popcorn
clouds that it rained for two days. It rained out so much  candy that it turned  into

A  candy floss puffy  ground. One day there were two  little kids but they were gingerbread kids  from lollipop trees. That they ate it all up  that they had nowhere to sleep nowhere to play then the clouds became angrier then it started to rain out candy that it made a candy house  so the little kids had their  own house but one day the little gingerbread kids shouted their    names out one was called julianna and the other gingerbread kid name was kharizma suddenly a alien came out from the dark side the alien threw a giant lollipop Kharizma and Julianna was distracted by the lollipop the alien threw a frisbee bomb before it hit Julianna and Kharizma a dog called flash jump and cot and catch the frisbee bomb   and  threw it away  and saved kharizma and julianna and that is the end.

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