Friday, 1 September 2017

my cool stardom writing

Yesterday we jump on the bus to go to stardom because it was our team 3 Vacation and our life of the time to go on the trip .Me and julianna , Georgia had so much fun that we were laughing so much that we got to have a photo with miss Davis  then when we finish  taking  our photo  we got to stardom.

When got to stardome we got to have a big big play even there  was a flying fox it had a big set  to sit on . even i got to play on the train it was a little bit boring  for me it was a little train and people had to push the train and there was  swings and all kind of things there were cool and fun but not like the train.

When we finish playing outside  team 3 had a little thing to eat
Then we went into stardom to see all the cool things but when we got in we had to go put our bags in a here Gage because we were not allowed to eat in the stardom. And then we went in a room  to talk about our solar system. And then we got to have a really fun  quiz
Then we started to do the quiz and even
We got to have a teacher and her name was miss Davis. then the orange group started to do the quiz when the answer were coming
Up on the ipod we started to all run around crazy  like a monkey. We got all of them right because we were working together.

After all the fun we had we had to go back to school in the same bus but when we were in the bus that time  it was boring because it was tiring and hot .

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