Friday, 5 May 2017


It was a dark night no one could see and they were scared that they might get eaten by the big
taniwha The big taniwha  was a big monster that lived in the sea. It was cranky and mean and he wanted to eat the people that lived in the village.

A boy called tamarereti was hungry so he looked In his kete and it was empty so he went to get some fish for him and his village.

When the wind stop he got tired so he fall  asleep and then the waka beached at the beach.

Then he woke up then he was hungry so he looked in his bag and his was the so he cooked it

He knew that he was going to get in trouble by his family because the taniwha is a waka.

Then he saw some pebbles then he picked some up then he put it in his waka and when he put it in his waka he set off. Then he throw the pebbles up in the sky then the Pebble were shining  like stars in the sky then he followed it home.

Then the sky was so beautiful and bright because he made it so nice.

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