Thursday, 27 July 2017

Space adventure

One day there was an  astronaut  how woke up and  got into her soti and walk to the rocket  ship and  that astronaut’s name was gabby   when she got in the rocket ship there was space food then gabby flow to
Space and she wanted to go see  a planet and hat planet that gabby wanted to see was mars  she really wanted to see it but the people that were on the mike said  no so gabby wanted to go to neptune but they said no  and they said that you might die because  there is  gas in the so gabby wanted to go to mercury
Then the people that was on the  mike said maybe so she just went to the planet  when she got there was
Aliens and gabby was so freaked out  the she said to the people that she wanted to go home but the said that we do not cantrall the rocket  ship they said that you cantrall the rocket ship and gabby  said  oh  so she put her hands on the buttons but  it did not work because the engine was broken so gabby screamed .Then gabby dropped  from the  sky and the aliens were really  nice so they  gave her some food and
They fixed her rocket ship. Then they made  her go to sleep with   there  magic. Then when she
Woke up and the caryed aliens her into the rocket and ship and gabby flew home.

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