Friday, 30 June 2017

room 14 making fairy bread.

On Thursday after morning tea Miss Davis came into room 14 and she said “ Wash your hands and then find a table to sit at.” Only two tables had tablecloths. Then miss Davis gave out only one glove because we didn't need that much then she gave out plates and knifes. Next Miss Davis gave out the butter so room 14 can spread it out on our bread so the sprinkles can stick  to the bread. miss Davis gave out rainbow Sprinkles then miss Davis said it looked like a waterfall when you tip it. Then she gave out pretty little   matariki   stars they looked very delicious .then miss Davis gave out food cutter . then room 14 had to to cut a beautiful  matariki  stars she said you can make 4 our 3 our you can make 1 our 2 but i wanted to eat my fairy bread .when room 14 was finished making the fairy bread we got to eat it. it was so divine but me and   Julianna  wanted to save it, so we did!

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