Friday, 16 June 2017

the story of tamarereti

It was a pitch black night and there was a taniwha that lived in the   lake Taupo.  There was a boy  called  Tamarereti who loved his family and he was brave. One day tamarereti checked  his kete. It was empty                                    and his belly was rumbling because he was hungry.  So tamarereti went to get some fish. So he grabbed a waka and then set off to catch some fish.
Then he caught 3 fish and when the wind dropped he fell asleep.Then the waka beached at an island and he woke up.  Then he looked in his kete and it was still full with 3 fish.
Tamarereti  knew that the taniwha was out in the sea, so he ate some fish then he fell asleep. When Tamarereti woke up there  were shiny pebbles on the sand. He threw them in his boat and set off for home.  Then Tamarereti
threw the pebbles in the sky. Then the pebbles turned into stars. Tamarereti then followed the stars home. When Tamarereti got home he went to sleep. When Tamarereti woke up there was someone waiting for him. It was
Ranginui. When Ranginui said “you have made the sky appealing” the taniwha never came back again.

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