Wednesday, 21 June 2017

the rabbit story

once upon a time there  lived a  little  town that town was  called happy vell  where everyone was happy but one day! Some rabbits
Attacked  their home  and all of the gorgeous shops and those big rabbits
Come for a  really  big place where big trees are and big people. The rabbits
Were  not trying to hurt the people  they just wanted to be friends. But one  of the rabbits grabbed  one of the humans and and nelly ate him but the rabbit stop and Think about is it right to eat a human or is it not  right to eat  a human. The Rabbit fort and fort and the rabbit decided to not eat the human. The Rabbit
Let go of the human. The human that were  running away they got tired of running away they  fall asleep. The next the rabbits were gone and there
Homes were fixed   .
they lived happily ever after!



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